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What a Great Shift That Was!

I started at 5:45 tonight and was driving home at 9:20. Not even 4 hours and I walked out of there with $172 in my pocket. You gotta like that. Last night was another 4 hours and I walked out with $130. So I am on a bit of a roll so far this week. […]

Good Times

Went in at 6:30 as the closer and served 5 tables the whole night before cashing out at 10:17 with $122 in my pocket after tip out. I must say these days there is an early rush which if you are closing you miss anyway as by 9:00 on weekdays the place is dead. Now […]

A Good Night By Anyone’s Standards

Yesterday’s post I mentioned that last night was going to be a good night and it certainly was as we reached our budget projection of 550 covers and I dare say with how busy the bar got late that we probably came close to 600. For me I have to say that is was the […]