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The Answers To Yesterday’s Quiz

How did you do? Thanks for trying to get these answers right. 1. Arbois is the secondary grape you may find in a Vouvray. 2. Proper etiquette says that you should sip your soup from the side of the spoon so as to prevent slurping. Quiet please…. 3. The syllabub dessert first made it’s appearance […]

Answers to Quiz

How did you do? We’ll soon know won’t we? 1. To chaptalize a wine the winemaker adds sugar before or during the fermentation process to raise the alcohol percentage of the wine. We say the wine has been chaptalized when this is done. This is allowed under French law. 2. The pH of wines usually […]

Quiz Time

Are you ready?? Here it goes! 1. When winemakers chaptalize a wine what is it they have done? 2. pH as you may know on a scale of 1 to 10 anything over 5 has less acid in it than something else lower than that number. Water for instance has a pH of 7. But […]