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A New Blog Starting Up Soon

In a couple of weeks I am going to be switching to another blog. Yes I will still be waiting on tables but I am also going to work for a travel agency starting in a few weeks specializing in cruise ships , land packages , airline flights and just about anything else you can […]

Jasper 1991

Continuing my job history and following that horrific year of 1990 I jumped on a bus from Toronto to Calgary just after New Year’s Day to go to a job interview in Field BC with this Emerald Lake Lodge. I remember how freakin’ cold it was! In Saskatoon we arrived early in the morning and […]

St.Petersburg Russia 1992

During my first contract with Renaissance Cruises I worked on two ships that enable me to see over 20 countries during a 6 month contract. During the Scandinavian portion of the contract we visited places like Stockholm , Copenhagen , Helsinki , and Taillin but there was one stop that was really exciting for me […]

Myrtle Beach – South Carolina 1994

When I was a kid I had the chance to go with my parents on trips to Myrtle Beach , a favourite spot for all Canadians who hanker for a beach , lots of restaurants , and a nightlife to boot. I always thought about the day I would be able to visit this great […]

Beginning Next Week

Just some news on the blog. I am going start a one day a week blog on grape varieties beginning next Thursday the 20th and continue indefinitely each week on that day. The first day will be on Pinot Noir. I don’t want to make it long and boring but rather talk about the grape […]

Education is the Key

In North America , waiting on tables or serving drinks is not considered a skill by most people. Unlike Europe , our society views it as something that someone does so that they can make some extra cash so they can do something else , or they might not have had the education to do […]