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I Wanna See It When It is Really Busy

Okay it is my first week and my legs are sore after working 9 hours. That is double what I am used to working. Then there is the 7 days in a row I am on to start with and this is only day 4 finished up. Getting up at 4:40am is pretty extreme for […]

A Lineup Today

Today was St.Paddy’s Day and despite the fact I am working in an airport terminal there was good reason to eat in an Irish Pub today. The lineup was outside the door. I must have done about 35 tables and walked out with $175. That is how fast the turn is. I don’t know but […]

My First Full Day at the New Job

I have to say going from a full service casual fine dining steakhouse to an Irish pub the next day was a bit of a shellshock especially working in an airport. It was a great send off from the other job where on Saturday night I was presented with a big cake saying we will […]