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Thanks But I Will Just Stick To Buying My Own Beer

Last night was not one of your busy nights. I had 3 tables going and then I was cut and walked out with $46. So I planted myself at the bar and ordered myself a couple of staff beers and watched our Canadian hockey team eke out a shootout win over the mighty Swiss. For […]

Back To Normal

When I pulled up to the restaurant tonight being the closer I thought there would be a few more cars in the parking lot than there were. There were hardly any and if you take away the cars owned by staff that would leave about 6 belonging to the guests. It was a good 40 […]

Be Happy With What You Have

Well now I am off for three in a row. Just as well as in the next three days there is a lot to do and with members of the family coming down with the stomach flu that adds in a bit extra. Last night was a slow one. Had only 5 tables and left […]

Get Outta Here!

Another slow night. I think this H1N1 is scaring everyone. Too much media hype. Anyway that sort of leads me into this next post. This evening one of the waiters had a table walk out with the bill fold , the two credit card slips , and the bill. In other words nothing that was […]

When Does Your Christmas Business Begin?

I had 4 tables last night and could have finished as a closer in the restaurant at 9:15 but it was obligatory that I remain in the restaurant on the chance that someone may actually pass up the bar and want to eat in the dining room. Wow was it slow. I made a whopping […]