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Can Anybody Relate?

Today I am off to an 8 Hour World Explorer Rally to learn what is coming up in the Cruise Industry. It should be a blast. Here is a video on Princess Cruises. Hope you enjoy that and if you haven’t yet, enter the draw as time is running out for a chance to win. […]

Winning Isn’t Everything But Trying Is ( Why You Should Enter )

Here is some more information on the win a cruise contest that I have mentioned a few times already on this blog. Someone asked me what were the chances of winning so I thought I would give you some info on last year’s contest. Last year the contest ran and there were 170,000 people who […]

Norwegian Epic

Click on the title for a preview of the Norwegian Epic that has just been launched. It is doing Caribbean cruises in the winter then heading to Barcelona in the Summer. It has got everything. What a way to travel!


The first time I was ever in Monaco was back in 1977 when my friend and I leased a car and traveled around the Mediterranean. It was a quick pass through on our way to camping in Antibes France. The second time I was there I will never forget. I just got hired as a […]

Cruise Ship Vacations are an Exceptional Approach to Travel

This article I had to post because it explains why so many are choosing to cruise for a vacation. A Cruise Ship іѕ аbουt nοt anything іf іt’s nοt аbουt having choices: sleeping іn frοm a late evening disco ɡеt-together οr savoring a cup οf latte аѕ thе sun rises over уουr balcony; dressing up […]