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I Don’t Want to Get Chummy With a Regular

If you sit in my section you will be treated like everyone else and I will only be as cordial as I have to be. Don’t expect me to make idle chat past the customary 15-20 seconds because I have other guests to attend to and food to run or anything else that needs doing […]

Now That Is Much Better!

Tonight , after getting my bad night out of the way last night , is setting me up for a good 5 days in a row. Yesterday as you may recall I walked out with a paltry sum so tonight was looking for something better and I got it. I had a 5 table section […]

The Numbers Are In

It has come to my attention that for the first time that I can remember where I work is busy all the time. After New Year’s Eve there is usually a lull in most places even in good economic times during the first week of January. Well last night we did close to 700 covers […]

Do the Best You Can Every Night

Last Saturday I had a pretty good night at work as I usually do. I was the pre-closer and when it was over I did about 44 covers. It seems like a lot but I had two 9 tops and an 8 top plus some deuces , a couple of fours , and a three […]

It is Not About the Money You Make but The Time You Spend

During Christmas in the past I have been used to work many hours no matter where I have been. Usually upwards of 70 hours a week. This is my first Christmas that I will be working at my present job so you can imagine my amazement when I came in last night to work and […]

What I Like Best About the Service Industry

I have to say I like my job. Now usually if a person has been doing something for quite a while one would assume that that person must like his profession , whatever it is , right? But I will tell you right now two of the reasons I still wait on tables after all […]