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I Would Never Order This But it is Surprisingly Good

Last week during bartending class I was making cream based cocktails and I made one that I make each year for the class to taste. It is an oldie but goodie. So good in fact you really can’t taste the alcohol in it but it packs a punch. Out of all the cocktails I made […]

New Drink Recipe

The other day someone ordered a drink called a Bin Laden Cocktail. The waiter ask what is in it? The person replies, Two shots and a splash! Ha Ha

The Bartending Course is a Go!

On April 18th it has already been confirmed that the course is a go with already 7 people registered. It will run till June 20th from 7-10:30 on Monday nights here in Orangeville at Georgian College. For those of you who may not know I have been teaching bartending for the past 4 years at […]

8 Charlie Sheen Cocktail Recipes from L.A. Bartenders – Los Angeles Restaurants and Dining – Squid Ink

Here are some fancy drink recipes named after Charlie Sheen. Thought it would be fun to post. Just click on the title for the link.

Tom Collins – Shaken Not Stirred

I don’t have much to say tonight. I got stuck with a table that sat there past midnight. The bar waitress told me she had the same people last night and they sat around forever yesterday too. Finally got them out a quarter past midnight so I am a bit knackered. I made good cash […]

The Singapore Sling

Now I know the way a lot of Singapore Slings are made today. I notice that bartenders don’t even shake the drink anymore. They take a rock glass put some ice in it then the Gin add some lemon bar mix right out of the gun , a little orange juice then top it off […]

Lemon Drop Shooter

Watch this video on the Lemon Drop Shooter. It is a good one but when I make the cocktail I like to add half portion of Grand Marnier to the Vodka. It is a popular one in the Bartending Class.

A Raspberry Chocolate Martini

Here is that Raspberry Chocolate Martini you want to treat your friends and family to during Christmas. Click on the title to get the ingredients.

Brain Hemorrhage Drink Recipes

Here are some unique recipes to tantalize your brainwaves. Click on the title to see.

The Unicorn

This drink is a doozy. You want to make sure someone is driving you home after this one. The garnish I think you must go to Toys R Us just to purchase. Click the title for the recipe.