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Carbon Monoxide in the Kitchen

When one is working in a restaurant probably the last thing one thinks about is carbon monoxide poisoning. I mean after all when we think of that we think of someone leaving their car engine running in a garage and suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. We put a  carbon monoxide alarm in our home. Since […]

A Few Days Off Before the Rush

Just finishing up 3 days off heading into the busy Christmas rush. Enjoyed the Grey Cup and saw the latest James Bond flick last night. So let’s get it on. By the way I am still doing my story and I just have a few chapters left. I am on 35 now but I figure […]

New Year’s Eve

I got home at 12:15 last night and for the first time my kids were still up so it was very special to share the moment with them. At work I walked out with $380. This morning I am hobbling around. Didn’t get to sleep till 4 this morning. Well bring on 2012!

Good Thing I Counted the Money

The other night I had this 4-top and their bill came to $337 and change. They gave me a stash of money and said that it was all mine. Sometimes I count it quickly and other times I just stick it in my wallet. Anyway because the bill was pretty high I wanted to see […]

80 Is the New 65

Recently on the news there was a report out that many people will have to work till their 80 before they can retire. Hence 80 being the new 65. Actually that wouldn’t be a bad thing cause if I can still do at 80 what I can do now that would mean I’d be in […]

Everything is Different

I think the reason why I like waiting on tables is every day is different. Every table is different , person is different , requests are different , the challenge is different , it is busy or not , the co-workers change. I guess if you cannot travel at least at work every day is […]

Let it Go

This industry will take it’s share of casualties. I saw a bartender crying the other night because she felt wrongly taken advantage of by a co-worker. You see new people start their training and crumble under the multi-tasking necessary in a profession they thought perhaps anyone can do before they gave it a whirl. The […]