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Prepare to be Excellent

The other night I was giving the students the bartending test so I can give them some kind of mark for the course. It is a pretty easy test and throughout the 10 weeks if they had been reading the notes I had been giving out each week they would have no problem passing. So […]

Aw C’mon This Is Silliness

Yesterday I go into work and it is kind of slow but since I am closing I know it will get busy later on when people start heading out after their 8 hour shifts are complete. Then the manager comes up to me and says I am sending you over to another restaurant where they […]

A Pleasant Surprise

I went to my place of work today only to find out that the other restaurant ( the one I like ) needed me to replace someone that was sick. Now this is a good thing. Had a great night and next week I am replacing someone who is going on holiday in the same […]

I Served 108 People Tonight

Today my shift was from 11:30 to 8 in the evening. I didn’t lift my head to look at the clock till it reached 7:00PM. A full 7.5 hours after I started. Now there was a reason. It was real busy. My read showed that I served 108 people but really it was more like […]

Are You Taking Your 30 Minute Break?

Where I work I pretty much have to take a 30 minute break during my 8 1/2 shift cause I am paid only for 8 hours. Except I never do because what am I going to do? No one else is taking their break at that time and after 5 minutes I would be so […]

What Time or Day Is It Anyway??

This morning I started at 6:30 which means I have to set the alarm for 4:50AM. I woke up at 3:20 and thought to myself I have a half hour before I have to get up. Then when I woke up at 3:57 I thought my alarm didn’t go off and I was running late. […]