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My Next Newsletter

Tomorrow is my next newsletter. The response I have been getting is terrific. If you do subscribe make sure you reconfirm with the email sent back to you. This will insure that you are indeed the person who subscribed and you get the newsletter. The newsletter is like 4 posts all on one page. Easy […]

Busy Last Night

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was Ghaddafi’s passing or everyone got a raise but the place was humming last night. Good to see on a Thursday night. Let’s hope it continues right through Christmas. By the way no one has gotten the answers right on the quiz yet. The only way you […]

The Thursday Quiz

This week’s edition should be a good one for all of you brilliant minds out there. 1. Nasi Goreng is a staple of which country? The Dutch which should give you a hint have adopted this dish and called it rijstafel which literally means rice table. 2. We have a salmon on our menu that […]

Answers to the Hard Quiz

Alright here are the answers. 1. Nebbiolo is the grape from the Piedmont region of Italy that makes the great Barolo. 2. “a la bouchere” is the name given to various dishes that will have a garnish of bone marrow. 3. Sole Colbert is sole of course filletted , then dipped in egg , covered […]