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The Answers to Yesterday’s Quiz

How did you do? Let’s find out. 1. Scotch Broth should have barley in it. 2. Sobressada comes from Spain , most notably Mallorca where Sobressada de Mallorca is protected so that no imitators can copy this dish. 3. The Indian cheese we are talking about is Surati manufactured in the town of Surat. 4. […]

What Was It That Attracted You To Waiting on Tables Or Bartending?

For me it was the cash. Having money in your pocket at all times. Not having to wait for a cheque every two weeks. Anyone else out there have a different reason why they got hooked into the business?

Did I Do This Right?

Last night this table asked for the bill and as I had some drinks to get for a 6 top I wanted to get this table paid and out of the way. He pulled out a gift and debit card. I ran to get the portable debit machine and asked him if he ever used […]

The Answers

Okay how did you do on yesterday’s quiz? 1. This wasn’t an easy one but the mammal that makes a good venison and found in the mountainous regions of the southern alps and Pyrenees of Southern France and northern Spain is called Chamois. 2. A la printaniere means spring vegetables usually prepared by tossing in […]

The Tuesday Quiz Makes a Return

Not sure how long I will continue doing the quiz. We will see what kind of response I get from this one. Had a great vacation and I hope you are all enjoying your summer , wet or dry. 1. What is the wild mammal’s name that resembles a deer and considered one of the […]

The Answers

Okay here are the answers to this morning’s mind twisting five questions. 1. If it is not Champagne then it is called Cremant and when you see it would be for example Cremant d’Alsace which would be a sparkling wine from the Alsace region of France and as a note these Cremants found everywhere in […]

This Week’s Quiz

Here we go right into it. Hope everyone is having a great week out there! 1. We know that the Champagne region in France has exclusive rights to the word champagne for it’s sparkling wine but they do make sparkling wines elsewhere in France that cannot use the word champagne. Instead this word is used […]