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I Lost It For A Moment Last Sunday

I had this table of two ( which makes sense cause it was Valentines anyway ) that comes in after waiting a bit at the bar. He comes to the table with a glass of wine. Without ordering anything else to drink other than water they both order an entree. I think they had an […]

A Twist Of Fate – 1993

In 1992 after my first contract on the ships I came back to Canada to take the Cordon Bleu Pastry Course in Ottawa. The course was starting in September and I had managed to procure some affordable accomodation at the YMCA during the three months the course would last. I was working between the Chateau […]

It Was Relentless

Okay I haven’t commented or posted over the weekend due to the hundreds of people we served over the weekend. Valentines combined with the fact it fell on the weekend meant Friday Saturday and Sunday were going to be busy. Today is a provincial holiday so it will be busy again but I am not […]

It is Thursday’s Quiz

Another week has flown by and the only thing I can say about my night at work tonight is I didn’t make much money but some older woman said I looked like Leonard Cohen. That was a first for me and my wife wholeheartedly disagrees with that. I wonder what Leonard looked like when he […]

Bring it On I Say

You know it when you feel it. As a server and things are humming something clicks and you become calm and find yourself in a zone. I feel I am getting in that zone right now peaking toward Christmas. Friday and Saturday were very busy with 2-3 hour waits. My section was humming and on […]

If I Was 20 Years Old Today Here is What I Would Do

I have been fortunate with regards to the Hospitality Industry and the opportunity it has given me to travel and meet lots of people. So with what I know today I might have done things almost the same but started a lot earlier. I would have moved things up 5-6 years to reach higher in […]