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Next Month a New Restaurant

No I haven’t changed companies but as I mentioned a few posts ago they rotate you with different restaurants in the airport. At first when I heard about this I thought I would end up with nothing very good. Some outlets are busier than others. But much to my surprise with last pick I found […]

You’ve Got Some Nerve!

So these two guys walk in and take their table of two. They ask me for two big 9oz glasses of wine so I go get it. I come back with them and they say would it be possible to get a bottle. Well yes Mr. Arshole sure you can. I get them a bottle. […]

To Renaissance Cruises and Back to Renaissance Cruises , Say What?

January 5th 1992 I flew to join the Regina Renaissance that was being built in Marina di Carrara Italy. It was exactly a year after I arrived in Jasper Alberta on that day when I took off from Edmonton to London via Toronto , then on to Pisa Italy. As waiters we didn’t do a […]