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Here is The Uncut Version of My Customer Service Take

So I was on television about a month ago and I get the DVD and I see they cut 8 minutes off the show for commercials. Because of that they cut some of my part out which I think really makes the point. So I have it on my youtube station so clink on the […]

You Control Your Section

Okay you have been triple sat and a table needs to be cleared and your drinks for another table are just being prepared. Quickly say hello to your 3 tables and say you will be right back so they are acknowledged. Go get your drinks if they are ready and drop them off at the […]

Here Is What I Do When I Take An Order From a Guest

When I was in sales for a while I read a lot of sale books naturally and one of my favourite closes or at least the one I found most successful was the throw it right back in the other person’s lap close. Let me explain how I use this when I take the order […]

Showing Some Empathy

A table walked in last night and was seated in my section. When I went over to these two guys there was not so much as a hello when one jumped in before the other was about to say something and ordered a soda water and a shrimp cocktail. His friend hadn’t made up his […]

How to Effectively Manage a Dining Room Team

Here is an article I did a while back about being an effective Dining Room Manager.I only know one thing that while I was a Maitre’d on the ships and a Restaurant Manager on land the best example I could do is work harder than everyone else at the beginning and set the bar high.Any […]