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Saturday night I have this couple probably in their mid twenties. They both order the same steaks and upon clearing I notice a morsel of filet steak kind of put aside on her plate. It was noisy and loud as we had lots of parties going on and another 2 hour wait. In fact because […]

The Quiz

The Tuesday quiz is here again. Where do the weeks go! 1. This liqueur takes it’s name from one of the whiskies mentioned in Sir Compton Mackenzie’s book ” Whiskey Galore.” It is a blend of Speyside Whiskey and fermented comb honey. What is the name of this liqueur? 2. This liqueur is produced in […]

The Answers

Okay how did you all do on this one. It was a bit tricky wasn’t it? Or maybe not , who knows. 1. The proper way to serve Sambuca is in a pony glass with 3 coffee beans and lit. Don’t forget to tell the guest it is lit , eh? 2. The father of […]

Some Notes on Sherry

Last week I did some notes on Port so this week is on another fortified wine , that of sherry. Sherry is a wine that is fortified with brandy after fermentation is complete thus all sherries are dry at the beginning. A sweet sherry is a dry sherry sweetened with Pedro Ximenez or Moscatel wine. […]

It is Not About the Money You Make but The Time You Spend

During Christmas in the past I have been used to work many hours no matter where I have been. Usually upwards of 70 hours a week. This is my first Christmas that I will be working at my present job so you can imagine my amazement when I came in last night to work and […]

What Food and Beverage Waiters Should Have

Going back to work last night after the car accident the night before especially with my head feeling a bit funny might not have been the wisest thing to do but I had to do it. With a family to support and the inconsistent income a waiter is subjected to one cannot afford to miss […]