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California‚Äôs Big Four Wine Regions | Types OF Wine City

Here is a nice post on California wine regions.

Why I Usually Don’t Top Up Glasses of Wine After Pouring the First One

The only time I will do it is if their glasses are almost empty or empty and they are looking for me to top them up or I have just delivered their main course. The reasons I do not do it any other time are the following. 1. Because of the drinking and driving laws […]

Twist Top Or Cork?

The other night I had a Wyndham Estate Pinot Noir from Australia that was off. Now that may not sound like big news but it was a first for me. You see the wine had a twist top or in other words no cork. Comparisons have been made on whether wine is better kept with […]

The Savagnin Grape and Vin Jaune

Not to be confused with the Sauvignon Blanc grape , Savagnin is grown only in the Jura region of France and not anywhere else in the world. This region’s climate is continental with hot summers and cold winters and there is the mountainous region of Savoie nearby that can cause temperatures to fluctuate. There is […]

Ten Reasons Why People Should Consider a Career in Hospitality Industry

Little did I know back in 1979 when I took a Bartending Course that I would have the opportunity to travel , make a great income , have flexibility to do the things I wanted while working , and meet great people along the way. The top ten reasons I am still waiting on tables […]