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Be Happy With What You Have

Well now I am off for three in a row. Just as well as in the next three days there is a lot to do and with members of the family coming down with the stomach flu that adds in a bit extra. Last night was a slow one. Had only 5 tables and left […]

My Beer Tasting

During the bartending course I like to do a Wine and Beer tasting for the students so that they can try something different than just learn about cocktails. Here is the beer sampling I give them that gives them some idea of how different beers taste and why they taste that way. I prefer to […]

Include The Textbook

Had an email from the course administrator yesterday with regards to how much the bartending course is going to cost the student and that most teachers who teach bartending with the College do not have a textbook with the course. I am the only one who does apparently. I personally think a book on how […]

The Five Questions of the Day

Here we go with the Tuesday quiz. Good luck! 1. Crema de Lima from Spain is what flavoured liqueur? 2. Creme Yvette is made from the petals of violet parma , is highly scented , and named after the French actress Yvette Guilbert. Where is it made? 3. This liqueur comes from the Basque region […]

The Bartending Course

Last week I completed one bartending class and next week finish up another. For those out there wondering how I go about teaching the course here is an outline of each week and what is all involved. The other day I was picking up our new van when I ran into a former student who […]


A distinctive pale yellow , herb liqueur from Italy Galliano was first made as a tribute to a Major Giuseppe Galliano by Armando Vaccari in 1896. The major held the fort of Enda Jesus for 44 days before he was ordered to surrender during the Italian – Abyssinian war of 1895-96. To this day a […]