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Where I’ve Been

Here is a cool map you can fill out seeing how much of the world you have been to. Just click on the title to see mine and fill out your own. Kinda fun!

The Time We Were Told It Was Just a Power Failure

The actions of the Costa Concordia captain brings to mind something I experienced when I worked on a cruise ship. It was about 9:30 at night when I was upstairs working the dessert buffet when all of a sudden the lights went out and we were without power. The ship was drifting and over the […]

Feeling A Wee Bit Hungover Are We?

Tonight at work a few of the waiters were coming back after having a couple of days of partying up North doing things like skiing and snowboarding and that favourite past time everyone can partake in and that is drinking. Of course I wouldn’t be doing such a thing as I am past that and […]

An Incredible Serendipitous Chain of Events Leads To Marriage

In April of 1995 a new stewardess comes on board while our ship is in Monte Carlo. I was working as a waiter in the dining room and it was just after breakfast when I was heading out for an espresso and I see this red head at the reception with a suitcase. Having heard […]

The Worst Complaint I Ever Endured

Have you ever had a complaint that just kept coming back to haunt you? On this particular cruise we were short staffed and so rather than have a front and back waiter or commonly referred to as the food runner some of us were required to take orders and run our own food all at […]

Hey Karl Heinz You Remember That Complaint…..

This story happened on the ship and it was pretty funny the little joke we played on the chef Karl Heinz that night. Karl Heinz had just done his first dinner service on the ship as chef and everything went great for him except for this one plate that came back because the passenger thought […]

More About Working On The Cruiseships

To continue on about working with Renaissance Cruises between 1992-96 which really if I can say so myself was probably the highlight of my entire hospitality career up to now and will remain there. I was a couple of weeks before my 33rd birthday and when I disembarked I had just turned 37 a month […]

Working In The Dining Room On The Cruiseship

After my broken wrist and return to Renaissance Cruises in November of 1993 in Antigua I worked as a waiter , then a Maitre’d , till I left in March of 1996. It was one of the longest lasting periods of employment I have ever had up to now. There is still a lot of […]

To Renaissance Cruises and Back to Renaissance Cruises , Say What?

January 5th 1992 I flew to join the Regina Renaissance that was being built in Marina di Carrara Italy. It was exactly a year after I arrived in Jasper Alberta on that day when I took off from Edmonton to London via Toronto , then on to Pisa Italy. As waiters we didn’t do a […]

Jasper 1991

Continuing my job history and following that horrific year of 1990 I jumped on a bus from Toronto to Calgary just after New Year’s Day to go to a job interview in Field BC with this Emerald Lake Lodge. I remember how freakin’ cold it was! In Saskatoon we arrived early in the morning and […]