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The First Quiz Of The Year

I am returning the quiz.. Believe it or not it didn’t attract many visits so depending on how this one turns out I may do it again periodically. 1. Vouvray is a white wine from the Loire Valley near the city of Tours in France. The primary grape is Chenin Blanc but what is the […]

Quiz Day

This week’s Thursday quiz will be followed by answers 24 hours from now so everyone has a chance to participate. Hope you are all having fun and getting in the festive spirit. Here is goes. 1. Hops in beer only come from the flower and leaves of the hop plant. Now what purpose do hops […]

The Answers

Okay it was pretty easy this week for everybody I can see that. Here are the answers. 1. Frog’s Legs. 2. Cherry Brandy. 3. Canneloni. 4. Capon. 5. Pinot Noir. That is it.

Not Busy Yet and It Is The Quiz Already

Today I am off to the dentist to see about a tooth or two that needs fixing. Not one of my most favourite things to do. I have been off the last two nights and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Nine more nights I work before Christmas and to be honest it hasn’t really even […]