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I Did the Impossible!

For the first time on Saturday I shared a party of 11 girls with another waiter and after tip out we owed 75 cents! Yes you heard it correctly. Their separate cheques added up to so small a tip that we still owed 75 cents to the house. In other words we worked for 2 […]

The Answers

Okay here are the answers to this morning’s mind twisting five questions. 1. If it is not Champagne then it is called Cremant and when you see it would be for example Cremant d’Alsace which would be a sparkling wine from the Alsace region of France and as a note these Cremants found everywhere in […]

This Week’s Quiz

Here we go right into it. Hope everyone is having a great week out there! 1. We know that the Champagne region in France has exclusive rights to the word champagne for it’s sparkling wine but they do make sparkling wines elsewhere in France that cannot use the word champagne. Instead this word is used […]

Do You Prefer To Open or Close?

Most of the time I am the pre-closer or closer where I work and a lot of the time other waiters ask me whether I ask to be this. Everyday they see me doing the closing. Well first of all I do not ask to be a closer unless it is a Tuesday when that […]

Hey I Am 20 Years Old Again

Just more proof that no matter how long you work in this business and how much education you have , experience counts for nothing. Let me see after 30 years I have done a lot of things. All you have to do is look at the profile. A couple of weeks ago when I thought […]

What Inspired You?

I have been doing some reading lately on others who have written bestselling books. Well actually only one so far that I completed yesterday which was the Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. What I found most interesting was how he was inspired to become a cook in the first place by trying that Vichyssoise on […]

The Quiz

It is Tuesday again and the time for the quiz. Good luck on this one! 1. What is the garnish for the Gibson Cocktail? 2. When taking out a cork from the wine bottle what is the bottom of the cork called that has been soaking in the wine while it has been laying down? […]

Things Must Be Slow When…….

Last night I was the closer and it was very slow as it has been for about a month now. In fact after 8PM it may be about 45 minutes before anyone arrives. So to complete what I started above…. Things must be slow when in a dining room of 53 tables everyone else is […]

What Is It With Smoking?

Last night it got busy and if I smoked I guess I could relate better but when it is busy why is it someone has to ask me if I can watch their table while they have a quick smoke? Is it such a need to smoke at a given time rather than wait later […]

Monday’s Job History

For the last few months I have been recapping my job history in the hospitality industry from when I started in 1979 to where I left off last week at the year 2000. This is where it ends. Yes folks the next few years both work wise and financially were not great. A litany of […]