Expect the Worst and Hope for the Best

As a waiter and bartender you have to keep your emotions in check. There is nothing worse than seeing someone getting worked up and their night unravelling because something did not go right.

Expect that something will not go right before your shift begins and spend all your night getting ready and trying to prevent that one thing from happening. This seems to be my motto and when that one thing does happen I am more ready to handle it and get it fixed up when it occurs.

This business is all about people and that in itself is highly unpredictable. If we could forsee how everyone was going to react at a given moment in a certain situation we would all be working with crystal balls.

You work with the people you have and get the guests you get seated. There is not much control we have except what we do and how we react to things.

So avoid stress and disappointment and just do our job and hope for the best. If we are prepared for the worst then we will be able to turn it around easier if we were ready for it to begin with.


  1. I have to agree with this school of thought. I work as a bartender and always keep mentally prepared for challenging events. If I go in expecting everything to go smoothly, its too easy to get disturbed by that first rude customer. I have also learned to leave my work at work. When I clock out for the night, I do my best not to dwell on any negative things that may have occurred during my shift. http://talesfromabar.com/

  2. Caveman…I agree with you totally. Leaving the work at work is important. Tomorrow is another day. Welcome and I will add you to the blogroll.

  3. Thanks Steven. I did the same in return. Keep up the good work.

  4. Caveman…I will do my best. Thanks for that. You too.

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