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Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope all your wishes come true for 2011! I am going to blog more this year. There will be a lot happening in 2011.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Thanks for reading and may your 2011 bring all you wish for.

Oogi : A Movie by Adam Nicolle

How Much To Give The Doorman, And Other Great Mysteries Of Holiday Tipping : Monkey See : NPR

Steve Dublanica , the author of Waiterrant , is interviewed on what people should tip and talks about his new book entitled ” Keep the Change.” He talks about why people should tip generously and the long term benefits of doing so. I bought Waiterrant and enjoyed the book immensely. The second book enlightens people […]

Natalie Maclean’s December 17th Newsletter

Here is the holiday version of the wine newsletter with all sorts of suggestions to what to buy at Christmas.

AFP: Fickle weather worries French wine growers

A good reason you don’t find too many Bordeaux wines at 10-11% alcohol by volume anymore. Warm temperatures and dry summers increase the sugars in the grape which when fermented result in higher alcohol. Here is the drawback though. Grapes that mature quickly lose their acidity which gives the wine that balance. Here are how […]

Lemon Drop Shooter

Watch this video on the Lemon Drop Shooter. It is a good one but when I make the cocktail I like to add half portion of Grand Marnier to the Vodka. It is a popular one in the Bartending Class.