Monthly Archives: September 2009

I Worked Hard For About 15 Minutes Tonight

Tonight I went in at 6:30 and ran some food till I finally got a table very close to 7:00. It was a family of 4 who were celebrating their anniversary. Easy enough. Then I got sat a table of 4 businessmen which looked pretty good. After that a 3 and then a 7 top […]

Some Drink Recipes

Here are some drink recipes that I have to recite by heart in the very near future. I will put some recipes on today and a few in a week from now. They are quite intriguing to say the least. Luxury Martinis The Maple Berry Martini Belvedere Vodka , Absolut Raspberri , muddled cranberries , […]

The Best Advice I Ever Gave One Time

One time I was a dining room manager and was having a meeting introducing myself to the staff and outlining some plans for the dining room. When it was time for the staff to talk , some started to complain about the owner and how he has treated them in the past and how they […]

A Good Night By Anyone’s Standards

Yesterday’s post I mentioned that last night was going to be a good night and it certainly was as we reached our budget projection of 550 covers and I dare say with how busy the bar got late that we probably came close to 600. For me I have to say that is was the […]

Our New Piano

We got a piano yesterday for our two boys. The oldest one has been taking piano for two years now and thought it was finally time to get him one and make the jump from the keyboard that his Uncle has gratiously let him use during that time. It is a 1904 fully restored Nordheimer […]

You Gotta Like It When This Happens

Had a table with 3 kids meals and 4 adult meals and they had quite a bit to eat. Gave them the good service and the bill came to a paltry $181 which for 7 people is quite inexpensive. The lady pays with her debit and leaves me $14. I moan a bit cause I […]

Aim For The Stars But Be Happy With The Moon

A couple of nights ago I got this nine top which seeing how busy I was going to be (not) , was going to make or break my evening. They were real nice but they were speaking a foreign language which sounded a bit like Turkish or something to that effect. However , despite my […]