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Here is How to Make Really Great Tips

Be busy. Run food , help out wherever needed and work your butt off for your guests. Even though you are getting tips from just your own section if you work and stop talking and always be seen as keeping busy people in your section will notice and even the others who are not. Then […]

My Next Newsletter

Tomorrow is my next newsletter. The response I have been getting is terrific. If you do subscribe make sure you reconfirm with the email sent back to you. This will insure that you are indeed the person who subscribed and you get the newsletter. The newsletter is like 4 posts all on one page. Easy […]

The Weekly Newsletter

Okay this is my first newsletter that will come out each Wednesday. Click on the title to view and it will pop up. Tell me what you think. Good or bad. Thanks

Stagger Your Tables

When you have a big section and you get sat all at once learn to stagger your tables. What I mean by that is don’t have all the mains coming out all at once. Know what appetizers people are ordering , how fast do they want to eat , what are they drinking , is […]

Read Your Guests

The other night we got slammed and the kitchen was running behind. I had this couple who had a some appetizers and salad and were waiting for their main course to arrive. My other table got their food and I was running food all around in that area to different tables. I saw them start […]

What Every Waiter Should Do In Order To Make More Money

I know the title sounds like if everyone does this their chances of garnering a bigger tip will occur 100% of the time and I admit that would be a tad pretentious , but I am convinced that your success ratio will improve greatly if you did this one thing. What I have noticed from […]

The First 15 Seconds

This post is going to be rather short as in 10 minutes I have to go somewhere. So to get to the point quickly the first thing about going up to your new table is to put them at ease. What I do is stop and look at all of them in the eye and […]

What Is It With Smoking?

Last night it got busy and if I smoked I guess I could relate better but when it is busy why is it someone has to ask me if I can watch their table while they have a quick smoke? Is it such a need to smoke at a given time rather than wait later […]

My Train Of Thought Before I Start A Shift

Here is what I have been doing for a long time before I start a shift in order that I get an edge in my mind and psyched up. I think everyday I show up at my job my performance this evening is going to be my last. I know it is crazy but last […]