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A Quiz

This week’s quiz featured in last week’s newsletter. 1. Sancerre from the Loire Valley is of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. What is the cheese that is the classic food pairing with this wine? 2. What is the name of the apple brandy that comes from Normandy France?3. What is the region in Italy that […]

This Week’s Quiz

It is December now and the home stretch for 2009. Here are the 5 questions for this week. 1. In English what are you doing when you “desosser”? It is a technical kitchen term and you have all done it either at home or at work. 2. Geflugelkleinsuppe is a German specialty. What is it? […]

The Thursday Quiz

Welcome back! The weeks are rolling by aren’t they with November and then December and 2010 coming up. Okay let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 1. The french word quasi began to appear in culinary vocabulary as far back as the 18th century. This cut of meat is lean and slightly tough so it is […]

The Weekly Quiz

A week has gone by so here is the next instalment of the Quiz. 1. The grape Breton in the Loire Valley is a synonym of what major grape variety? It is a grape variety that we know very well and is the major grape in Cheval Blanc? 2. What is the traditional practice of […]