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Chapter 2 Set for Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s read will be on the bartending course back in 1979. For those of you who just joined in I am each Friday writing a chronological history of events both personally and professionally between the years of 1979 to 1996. It is only Chapter 2 tomorrow so get in on it now if you wish […]

What Kind of Person Takes a Bartending Course Anyway?

The question I ask myself is who decides to take a bartending course anyway? Now that I teach bartending I think I can come up with that answer. If you are like I was you might be jumping from job to job with the only thing to show for it is a small amount of […]

Prepare to be Excellent

The other night I was giving the students the bartending test so I can give them some kind of mark for the course. It is a pretty easy test and throughout the 10 weeks if they had been reading the notes I had been giving out each week they would have no problem passing. So […]

I Was On Local Television Tonight

I was on television tonight doing a plug for the Bartending Course. It was fun to watch but I have to say with all these spots I am doing on television lately I think I have had enough exposure. Now it is time to do it with some compensation. Sure it is fun to do […]

I Am Happy For This Street In the Next Town From Where I Live

The bartending course started on Monday night for me and goes on for 10 weeks. I have been teaching the course for 4 years now. I only have the bare minimum 6 right now but 4 of them all got together and decided to take the course. When they all started calling each other by […]

Won Myself a Free Dinner

Well the voice audition didn’t go as well as I had hoped. He gave me some scripts to read and I don’t know whether it was the cold I was getting over or the frog in my throat but he kept saying talk in your normal voice. Ahem , I am right now it must […]

What Part of I Need Monday Nights off To Teach Bartending Do They Not Understand?

A few days ago the manager comes to me and ask me if I have found someone to work for me on Monday night since I teach the class that night. I say no I haven’t yet and he says if you cannot find anyone just remember the next time they ask you to switch […]

I Will Be On Nationwide Television October 6th

I will be on a customer service documentary that will be aired nationwide on October 6th at 9PM on a show called HotDocs. This is going to be on the CBC. Last November you may have recalled I did a shoot for this documentary featuring me a waiter serving others in a restaurant. Oh and […]

Rogers TV at Georgian College

The local cable station is spending a week at Georgian College and I did an 8 minute interview on the bartending course I teach at the college. It was pretty exciting and will be aired 5-6 times during the summer. I will try to let you know when it takes place and put it on […]

If I Hear This One More Time I Am Going To Scream

“You know Steven your request to have Monday nights off to teach Bartending can change if someone with more seniority wants that night off.” Yeah I know that but do you have to keep reminding me! Like really if working for a union was this much trouble I might have second guessed my decision to […]