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I Will Be On Nationwide Television October 6th

I will be on a customer service documentary that will be aired nationwide on October 6th at 9PM on a show called HotDocs. This is going to be on the CBC. Last November you may have recalled I did a shoot for this documentary featuring me a waiter serving others in a restaurant. Oh and […]

Rogers TV at Georgian College

The local cable station is spending a week at Georgian College and I did an 8 minute interview on the bartending course I teach at the college. It was pretty exciting and will be aired 5-6 times during the summer. I will try to let you know when it takes place and put it on […]

If I Hear This One More Time I Am Going To Scream

“You know Steven your request to have Monday nights off to teach Bartending can change if someone with more seniority wants that night off.” Yeah I know that but do you have to keep reminding me! Like really if working for a union was this much trouble I might have second guessed my decision to […]

The Bartending Course is a Go!

On April 18th it has already been confirmed that the course is a go with already 7 people registered. It will run till June 20th from 7-10:30 on Monday nights here in Orangeville at Georgian College. For those of you who may not know I have been teaching bartending for the past 4 years at […]

Be Happy With What You Have

Well now I am off for three in a row. Just as well as in the next three days there is a lot to do and with members of the family coming down with the stomach flu that adds in a bit extra. Last night was a slow one. Had only 5 tables and left […]

I Am Looking For 10 People – Bartending Course

The bartending course that I teach at Georgian College begins on January 18th. For those of you who live close by or know someone who does they can contact me directly or the college at 519-940-0331. It is a good time and everyone has fun learning how to make drinks and taste them as well. […]

The Bartending Course

Last week I completed one bartending class and next week finish up another. For those out there wondering how I go about teaching the course here is an outline of each week and what is all involved. The other day I was picking up our new van when I ran into a former student who […]