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So Do You Want a Tip Out or Not??

Okay today was busy. I sold just over $1300 and at an average of $15 per person you can figure out how many people that was. The only sore point I had is when the useless host came up to me and said I need this table. Sure I said well if you need the […]

I Don’t Mind Helping But…….

Don’t ask me when I am carrying dirty plates back to the kitchen and my hands are full and you have one empty beer bottle in your hand and ask me to take it back for you. Especially when you work at the bar and there are empty beer boxes you can just take it […]

Hey I Am 20 Years Old Again

Just more proof that no matter how long you work in this business and how much education you have , experience counts for nothing. Let me see after 30 years I have done a lot of things. All you have to do is look at the profile. A couple of weeks ago when I thought […]