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A Sampling of a Wine Review from the Weekly Newsletter

KortaReserveEstate Bottled, 2009Cabernet SauvignonLontu√© Valley – Sagrada FamiliaChile 14.5% My aim each week is to pick up a bottle that cost less than $20 at the LCBO here in Ontario so for this week I chose this wine that was a mere $13.75. There are still good valued Chilean wines to taste as opposed to […]

October 19 Newsletter

Sign Up Today! * required Email Address: * In this week’s newsletter I have included a quiz like I use to have featured about a year ago. The questions are just as hard but I have a little surprise for you if you get them alright. In order to take the quiz you have to […]

The First Quiz Of The Year

I am returning the quiz.. Believe it or not it didn’t attract many visits so depending on how this one turns out I may do it again periodically. 1. Vouvray is a white wine from the Loire Valley near the city of Tours in France. The primary grape is Chenin Blanc but what is the […]

The Thursday Quiz

Welcome back! The weeks are rolling by aren’t they with November and then December and 2010 coming up. Okay let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 1. The french word quasi began to appear in culinary vocabulary as far back as the 18th century. This cut of meat is lean and slightly tough so it is […]

The Thursday Quiz

Here is the weekly quiz. Good luck. 1. Sbrinz is a cheese. From what country does Sbrinz come from? 2. In English what is the species of bird known as palombe coming from southwestern France? 3. What is the only wine region in France that has the grape varietal right on the label? 4. Give […]