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When Someone Orders a Lobster Tail Do This First

When a guest orders shellfish like a lobster tail that requires a butter warmer at the table always once the order is sent to the kitchen prepare the butter warmer and bring it to the table right away. Naturally if you are working in a dining room where people sit and gab for two hours […]

Taking the Order

If I have a table that has ordered drinks and it will be a couple of minutes before I can get them from the bartender if they are ready to order some food I will take the order beforehand. Every second counts when you are busy. I will usually ask if while I am waiting […]

Repeat the Order Back to the Guest

I notice a lot of the time some waiters coming back to the kitchen with cook ups on their steaks etc.. Now it is easy to say it is the kitchen’s fault when a steak comes back medium rare and they wanted it medium well. There is a big difference. Now you can blame the […]

You Control Your Section

Okay you have been triple sat and a table needs to be cleared and your drinks for another table are just being prepared. Quickly say hello to your 3 tables and say you will be right back so they are acknowledged. Go get your drinks if they are ready and drop them off at the […]