Monthly Archives: August 2012

Instant Gratification As Opposed to Delayed Gratification

For a long time I was always taught that you should lean toward  things that delayed gratification. Do the work now and eventually it will pay off in the years ahead of you. When you go to University you spend a few years learning your craft then hopefully you come out and find a good […]

Are Your Steaks Sweet?

What a stupid question? I got this question from a woman who doesn’t like anything sweet. I replied back that no our steaks are not sweet but there is some spice added to them at which time she says but the spice isn’t sweet or anything is it?? I said no and her big shot […]

The Memoirs are Coming Along Nicely

I am up to 1988 now in my story of tending bar and waiting on tables. Heading to Switzerland in my next chapter. The fun begins for the next 8 years. What I am happy about is this is my 18th instalment and I probably have another dozen left at the very least. For those […]