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Buying Power Versus Disposable Income

A few months ago I did a post on what I could sum up as when I made a $100 back in 1980 it was awesome but when I make it now it can be considered a good night. Not good in the sense that when you made that back then it was abnormal but […]

Canada vs Russia Tonight

Monday the night I was called off some waiters walked out with $17. That’s how dead it was. Last night it was almost as dead with some people walking out with $40 in their pocket. I think I was the high roller of the night and I only left $71 richer. Now with tonight’s Russia […]

Don’t Talk During This Moment

When the guest is settling the bill it is important not to talk. If you talk while the person is signing the credit card slip or putting their pin number in the debit machine you could actually blow the tip amount the guest might have left. You may say something that could lead them to […]

The Future of Waiting and Bartending As I See It

With the minimum wage increasing here in Ontario to over $9 an hour and $8.60 per hour for waiters I couldn’t be more elated. But I would just like to voice a concern or caution as to what effect this could have on waiting on tables in the future. First of all I want to […]

A Hard Table to Serve

There have been studies done since forever about jobs that are stressful and waiting on tables has always ranked right up there.When you consider that we have to serve people that for the most part are nice we also see people at their worst. For whatever reason some people will take all their frustrations out […]

What Recession?

This past week has been pretty weird at work.I mean here we are in the throes of a downturn in the economy what with the manufacturing job losses here in Ontario , the rising gas prices because of a hurricane taking place far away in the Southern U.S., a drop in the stock market last […]

Which is Better Working for Gratuities or Working for Salary

When I was in my 30’s one of my goals was to become a Maitre’d or Restaurant Manager in a Fine Dining Restaurant somewhere in Canada.I had just received a promotion on the cruise ship I was working on to Maitre’d from waiter in the dining room. It was going to be great! More money […]