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I Am Not Tired From Work , Just Tired

A few people in the past have commented on the fact that working in the evening and getting up early in the morning with young kids can be tiring. Well to be honest it is tiring during the Christmas break. Tonight I was dead on my feet. I did manage okay but with the young […]

Empower Your Weakest Server

You have a weak server on the floor. You know this just because that person seems to be holding back a bit. They appear to be hesitant in their manner and not going for it. Maybe scared of making a mistake. It could be this person is still not sure if this is the right […]

5 Tables and That Was It

No need to go in great detail but $83 for a Friday night two weeks before Christmas is not very good at all. Yes I did it in 5 tables but I had one table that sat there for over two hours and left me a tip of $10 on a $75 dollar bill. It […]

The Key to Longevity For Any Waiter And A New Focus

Since I have started this blog , I at times have found it difficult to talk of anything about work , since when I do leave it it becomes a distant memory almost instantaneously. The stupid complaint that wasn’t justified , the rudeness of some people , the foul – up that occurs occasionally , […]