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How Much To Give The Doorman, And Other Great Mysteries Of Holiday Tipping : Monkey See : NPR

Steve Dublanica , the author of Waiterrant , is interviewed on what people should tip and talks about his new book entitled ” Keep the Change.” He talks about why people should tip generously and the long term benefits of doing so. I bought Waiterrant and enjoyed the book immensely. The second book enlightens people […]

August and October Who Would Have Thought??

Waiting on tables continues to be where it is at for our family. August was our best month of the year income wise which I thought strange but then October came along and together with teaching bartending on Monday nights was our best month ever. Now if only I can get this cruiseship thing going […]

Who to Tip and How Much By Josh Smith at Walletpop

Click on the title to see Josh’s article on who gets what in the tipping world. Do you agree or disagree?

Canada , Tipping , Menu Change , And Other Rants

I know the gab a lot lately seems to be on Canadian tippers and how cheap they are. I know that can be the case but to give you an idea from a Canadian waiter I would like to weigh in on the subject. I may get controversial and jump to and fro but here […]