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The Answers

Congratulations to everyone who took part and whether you decided to post your answers or not it is all good fun. Don’t be upset if you only get one right I mean. Here are the much awaited for answers. 1. The word smorgasbord comes from the country of Sweden. 2. The cooking term for the […]

The Answers to Today’s Quiz

Pretty simple quiz wasn’t it or so I thought except for the tricky question number 2. The answers are the following. 1. A couple of pearl onions on a cocktail pic is the garnish for a Gibson Cocktail which is a martini. It is just the garnish that changes the name. 2. That cork end […]

Tuesday’s Answers

Okay how did you do on this morning’s quiz? 1. The answer was Glayva. 2. The sugary liquid I was looking for is called a wort. 3. The lees that is left over from a fermentation of wine is used to make pomace brandy and a couple of brands I was looking for was Grappa […]

The Answers to Today’s Quiz

So I think you might have gotten a few but let’s go through the answers to see what you did not get right. 1. The dominant grape in Beaujolais is the Gamay grape. 2. Galliano has a vanilla flavour. 3. Cabernet Sauvignon needs a longer growing season. The grape tends to ripen a full two […]

The Answers To This Morning’s Quiz

Well how did you do on this morning’s quiz? Let’s see. 1. Paimyra is a palm tree of Asia and Africa and the pulp of the fruit of this tree is made into a kind of flour especially used in the local dishes of Sri Lanka. 2. Cherry Brandy would be the liqueur floated on […]

Tuesday Quiz Answers

Okay here are the answers. Some were easier than others or maybe they were all hard. Who knows? 1. Metaxa is the well known brandy from Greece. 2. That brandy based German bitters is called Underberg. 3. The grape that makes a good vintage port from Portugal is Touriga Nacional. 4. A pousse-amour uses an […]

The Quiz Answers

Okay this wasn’t too bad and I think most of you probably got a few right with maybe the last question being on the more difficult side. The answers are; 1. Poteen is the answer I was looking for. 2. Red Eye is the correct response. Sounds like some high energy drinks took their cue […]