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Bartending , Wine Courses and Television Updates

Okay I am getting to be a ham. I love the camera and live shows. On Thursday I am on Daytime Rogers TV live at 10 Am with a few slots doing wine. Then on February 13th going on ATV morning show again for 3 minutes to do a wine for Valentine Day. Sooner or […]

A Waiter Must Have Goals Too

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned the great course evaluation from the students I received. Well now things are starting to pay off as Georgian College contacted me to see if we can promote the new bartending course being offered at the Gibson Centre in Alliston Ontario and as well anything else I may […]

Bartending Course Update – All Good News

I have some good news from the Bartending Course I am teaching to share with anyone out there who may be interested in knowing what my mid-course evaluation summary was like. Last week the students were asked to give an evaluation on the course and me. Here were some of the comments. Great teacher , […]