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Renaissance VIII 1992 ( I opened this one )

Renaissance VIII Cruise Feeling a bit nostalgic right now. I helped open this ship back in 1992. When you click on the link above it will give you the details and the photo. First I opened the seventh ship named Regina Renaissance and during the same contract headed to this one to open it as […]

The Job Interview Of A Lifetime ( A Short Story )

I couldn’t believe my stroke of good luck when Stephen Peter telephoned me from Switzerland to ask me if I wanted to join Renaissance Cruises on their new ship being built in Italy. Here I was unemployed in Jasper Alberta during the slow season. The restaurant where I was working had closed for the winter […]

If My Wife Hadn’t Set A Goal…..

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about how I met my wife on the ship where both her and I worked and the strange set of coincidences that happened when we parted ways twice and I happened to transfer to another ship that she was going on etc etc….then we ended up dating and […]

Between the Isles of Scilly and Antiqua

To continue from last week we are now at the beginning of August in 1993 after working as a head waiter at the Island Hotel on the island of Tresco , part of the Isles of Scilly in the Atlantic off the coast of England , and heading back to rejoin Renaissance Cruises beginning in […]

To Renaissance Cruises and Back to Renaissance Cruises , Say What?

January 5th 1992 I flew to join the Regina Renaissance that was being built in Marina di Carrara Italy. It was exactly a year after I arrived in Jasper Alberta on that day when I took off from Edmonton to London via Toronto , then on to Pisa Italy. As waiters we didn’t do a […]

Aqaba – Jordan 1992

On my first contract with Renaissance Cruises I was real lucky to be doing the Red Sea and one of the exciting stops I had a chance to experience was Aqaba. This spot I remember for a few reasons because it was in the Gulf of Aqaba that every 7 days when we headed there […]