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Would You Have Returned the Call?

Today was day 3 of 4 that I was off from work. I request both Monday for teaching and Tuesday off for my son’s piano lesson on the day off sheet posted for us in the staff room. Then I put Yes for every other day. But it so happened they gave me Sunday and […]

Time to Put on the Game Face

I didn’t wait on any tables last night but will be back at it tonight at 6:15. The difficult thing after being away for a couple of days is from about 2 hours before until I get my first table I get a little anxious. What I mean is I get so relaxed not having […]

A Normal Day Off

Yesterday I was off from the restaurant for the 3rd day in a row. You see Monday nights I teach Bartending so I really don’t consider that a day off so actually I really have been totally not working for Tuesday and Wednesday. So to give you an idea of what I do on my […]