Monthly Archives: May 2009

What Is It With Smoking?

Last night it got busy and if I smoked I guess I could relate better but when it is busy why is it someone has to ask me if I can watch their table while they have a quick smoke? Is it such a need to smoke at a given time rather than wait later […]

Have You Reached Your Full Potential Yet?

At 1:15 today is my son’s piano test that takes place this time of the year. He is at Grade 1 Level and he plays the piano way better than anyone else in this household. We are pretty proud of him. When I took the note into the office to say he needed to be […]

My Train Of Thought Before I Start A Shift

Here is what I have been doing for a long time before I start a shift in order that I get an edge in my mind and psyched up. I think everyday I show up at my job my performance this evening is going to be my last. I know it is crazy but last […]

The Answers To This Morning’s Quiz

Well how did you do on this morning’s quiz? Let’s see. 1. Paimyra is a palm tree of Asia and Africa and the pulp of the fruit of this tree is made into a kind of flour especially used in the local dishes of Sri Lanka. 2. Cherry Brandy would be the liqueur floated on […]

The Quiz

Okay here it goes for this week. Obviously I need to do this as people who read my last few blogs on how I found jobs in the past probably thought me to be a bit silly. 1. What is paimyra and how is the pulp used in the local dishes of Sri Lanka? 2. […]

A Real Switcheroonie If There Ever Was One!

We all have at one time or another did something to improve our life situation so in this case I did , but it was sort odd on how I accomplished it. Let me explain , I was working for the second time at this resort in Hockley Valley , near where I live , […]

Looking For Work? Try This One!

One time I was looking for work back in 2000 and I was getting sick of just making calls and sending out resumes with not too much success. So there was one place that was hiring on the internet and I thought that would be a good place to work but I had to think […]

Meeting Up With a Co-Worker From 6 Years Ago

A couple of nights ago I delivered some food to this young sharp couple in the bar area. I don’t usually pay much notice to whom I am delivering the food because after I deliver it , I am away to do other things usually in my own section. Anyway about an hour later the […]

Wow A Busperson Showing Great Initiative!

Tonight I am at the terminal just punching a food order in when I notice the hostess working as a busser tonight to grab some extra hours. I see her wiping the side plates off that have some moisture build-up after being washed. Back when I was a waiter in a fine dining restaurant of […]

Tuesday Quiz Answers

Okay here are the answers. Some were easier than others or maybe they were all hard. Who knows? 1. Metaxa is the well known brandy from Greece. 2. That brandy based German bitters is called Underberg. 3. The grape that makes a good vintage port from Portugal is Touriga Nacional. 4. A pousse-amour uses an […]