Monthly Archives: May 2009

What Is It With Smoking?

Last night it got busy and if I smoked I guess I could relate better but when it is busy why is it someone has to ask me if I can watch their table while they have a quick smoke? Is it such a need to smoke at a given time rather than wait later […]

Have You Reached Your Full Potential Yet?

At 1:15 today is my son’s piano test that takes place this time of the year. He is at Grade 1 Level and he plays the piano way better than anyone else in this household. We are pretty proud of him. When I took the note into the office to say he needed to be […]

My Train Of Thought Before I Start A Shift

Here is what I have been doing for a long time before I start a shift in order that I get an edge in my mind and psyched up. I think everyday I show up at my job my performance this evening is going to be my last. I know it is crazy but last […]

The Answers To This Morning’s Quiz

Well how did you do on this morning’s quiz? Let’s see. 1. Paimyra is a palm tree of Asia and Africa and the pulp of the fruit of this tree is made into a kind of flour especially used in the local dishes of Sri Lanka. 2. Cherry Brandy would be the liqueur floated on […]

The Quiz

Okay here it goes for this week. Obviously I need to do this as people who read my last few blogs on how I found jobs in the past probably thought me to be a bit silly. 1. What is paimyra and how is the pulp used in the local dishes of Sri Lanka? 2. […]

A Real Switcheroonie If There Ever Was One!

We all have at one time or another did something to improve our life situation so in this case I did , but it was sort odd on how I accomplished it. Let me explain , I was working for the second time at this resort in Hockley Valley , near where I live , […]

Looking For Work? Try This One!

One time I was looking for work back in 2000 and I was getting sick of just making calls and sending out resumes with not too much success. So there was one place that was hiring on the internet and I thought that would be a good place to work but I had to think […]