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Working Through Sickness

The last couple of days my body has been battling all the flu going around. Trying to get some decent rest with my youngest going through the stomach flu right now only a couple of weeks after my oldest had the same thing has been difficult. Then at work you get some sniffling and colds […]

If My Wife Hadn’t Set A Goal…..

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about how I met my wife on the ship where both her and I worked and the strange set of coincidences that happened when we parted ways twice and I happened to transfer to another ship that she was going on etc etc….then we ended up dating and […]

Start of A New Life

My blog on Monday for the last few months has been a chronological sequence of my job history in the hospitality industry since I took a bar tending course back in 1979 to where we are now which is March 10th , 1996. This is the day I left the cruise ship in Singapore where […]