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Thursday Quiz

Here it is the Thursday quiz. 1. What grape variety makes up the wine called Barolo from Italy? 2. “A la bouchere” in French cuisine indicates that the plate mentioned is garnished with what? 3. A Sole Colbert is prepared in what fashion? 4. We all know that wines come from different grape varieties but […]

The Tuesday Quiz

This week’s quiz will test your knowledge. Let’s see if you are up to the challenge this time. 1. What is the name of the fish that is closely related to the sea bream but less flavourful? It is caught in the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay. 2. SablĂ© is what? Is it sand […]

The Weekly Quiz

It is Tuesday and I gotta do this quiz. Well actually I like to do it so here it goes. It is August already and soon the kids are back to school and I will be working for next summer’s holiday again. 1. The literal meaning of the word smorgasbord is a table of buttered […]

This Week’s Quiz

Here we go right into it. Hope everyone is having a great week out there! 1. We know that the Champagne region in France has exclusive rights to the word champagne for it’s sparkling wine but they do make sparkling wines elsewhere in France that cannot use the word champagne. Instead this word is used […]

The Quiz

It is Tuesday again and the time for the quiz. Good luck on this one! 1. What is the garnish for the Gibson Cocktail? 2. When taking out a cork from the wine bottle what is the bottom of the cork called that has been soaking in the wine while it has been laying down? […]

It’s Tuesday

And you know what that means. Here is the quiz for this week. 1. What is the liqueur in Gaelic that means , “very good” and is made up of a combination of old Scotch whiskey , herbs , spices , aromatic oil and honey? 2. What is the sugary liquid obtained by mashing malted […]

Here Is The Tuesday Quiz

Okay I have done the dishes and made the little guy’s lunch and now it is time for the quiz. Good luck! 1. In the Beaujolais wine region of France what is the dominant grape variety? 2. Galliano is of what flavour? 3. Which grape variety needs a longer growing season , Merlot or Cabernet […]