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Read Your Guests

The other night we got slammed and the kitchen was running behind. I had this couple who had a some appetizers and salad and were waiting for their main course to arrive. My other table got their food and I was running food all around in that area to different tables. I saw them start […]

What Every Waiter Should Do In Order To Make More Money

I know the title sounds like if everyone does this their chances of garnering a bigger tip will occur 100% of the time and I admit that would be a tad pretentious , but I am convinced that your success ratio will improve greatly if you did this one thing. What I have noticed from […]

How to Effectively Manage a Dining Room Team

Here is an article I did a while back about being an effective Dining Room Manager.I only know one thing that while I was a Maitre’d on the ships and a Restaurant Manager on land the best example I could do is work harder than everyone else at the beginning and set the bar high.Any […]