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115 Years of Bartending Experience at One Place

I have always like working for younger people a lot more than older. Older people tend to be a little cynical that hang around the business too long to put it mildly and this group of bartenders that I work with fit in that category. Two have 40 years experience and another has 35 years. […]

The Singapore Sling

Now I know the way a lot of Singapore Slings are made today. I notice that bartenders don’t even shake the drink anymore. They take a rock glass put some ice in it then the Gin add some lemon bar mix right out of the gun , a little orange juice then top it off […]

Blog Talk Radio

Next Tuesday at 11:00 Pm for those of you who will be up at that time I am doing a 30 minute talk on how things happened for me once I took the Bartending course and for the next 17 years after that. The travelling , fun , and frivolity I will try to pack […]

Would You Rather Work For $30 An Hour Or Be Self Employed?

I am quite happy with our situation as waiters here in Canada due in large part to our higher hourly wage that waiters are paid here compared to that of our friends in the States. But if I did find myself having to work for $3.00 an hour I don’t think I would remain a […]

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Last night on a slow night made a $100 and have found a way to remember these recipes much better. You know the saying how do you eat an elephant one bite at a time. Well rather than try to cram all these recipes in my brain , I pick one and mention it to […]

Some More Drink Recipes

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting some drink recipes that I need to know. Here are a few of them today and next week will post some more. French Martini 1 oz Vodka1 oz Chambord1 oz Cranberry JuiceServe on ice with 3 raspberries Lychee Martini 3/4 oz Vodka1 oz Lychee Liquor1/4 […]

Some Fancy Drink Recipes

Here are some cocktails that are featured in the restaurant I work. Not your common everyday drinks but hey if you feel like living on the wild side try the following. Blackberry Martini 1oz Grey Goose Vodka1/2 oz Chambord ( French Black Raspberry Liqueur )1/2 oz Cassis10 Muddled Blackberries5 Mint Leaves torn and muddled1 oz […]