Monthly Archives: September 2008

Summer of 87

So you are asking why this title when we are in 2008! Okay I will tell you why I bring up this year.Today the stock markets crashed and they haven’t crashed this bad since 1987. I started to think as some people do when they hear of dates in the past what the heck was […]

What I Like Best About the Service Industry

I have to say I like my job. Now usually if a person has been doing something for quite a while one would assume that that person must like his profession , whatever it is , right? But I will tell you right now two of the reasons I still wait on tables after all […]

Feature versus Special

A lot of restaurants have an appetizer or entree that is not on the menu that changes on a frequent basis and it up to the service personnel to communicate this to the guest. Sometimes these chef creations are on a board displayed so all can see , or maybe it is an insert in […]

The First Thing You Should Do Upon Greeting a Guest

Yesterday I was back at work for my start at 3:15.I always go way early when I have to open and since I was off for 3 days I thought I would head out to be there for 2:30.One thing I hate is to have to rush to get everything done then the first customer […]

A Waiter Can Overcome any Unreasonable Request with Ingenuity

Well I am back to work today after 3 days off.I do not have a whole lot to say so I thought I would recount a story that happened to me 22 years ago while working on a cruise ship.It was a bizarre request so hope you enjoy it. The situation took place way back […]

Finding the Balance

Since January when I started my new job waiting on tables in this restaurant which specializes in steaks I have noticed one thing about myself. I know longer peruse the want ads. Now for most of you this may seem inconsequential as most people who are working for someone right now generally are not looking […]

Bartending in 2008

My first class teaching Bartending last night went as well as could be expected.For one thing I have 14 students who are eager to know how to mix some drinks and make some money for every reason from getting through university to one person who is opening up a restaurant / banquet hall and thinks […]