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Two People Working Are Better Than One

Well the results are in for 2012. I am off tomorrow night and the wife is off tomorrow having finished off her week shift today before the holiday. Our income was higher than the year before by just under $4000. I made less but she made more which makes sense since the previous year she […]

When You Get Older

The one thing I notice as I get older is when you are young and you wait on tables you care a lot about what happens then when you have been doing it a long time it doesn’t matter so much because you have seen it all before.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you all for reading in 2012 and I wish you all the very best in  2013! Take the time to be thankful for what you have.


I was listening to the radio the other day while driving to work and Rick Mercer was talking about his book. Now most Canadians know him as a comedian who has his own comedy show. Featured on his show is a rant. That is when he talks full out for a couple of minutes on […]

I Have New Year’s Eve Off

At work the schedules are posted thru till the first week in January so everyone can make plans. I took a look and I am off the 25th,26th,27th and work the 28th and 29th. Then I am off the 30th which I requested and the 1st because I figured I would be working the 31st. […]

When I Broke My Wrist in Germany

Back in 1993 I was on the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Penzance in the Atlantic Ocean. It was quite a spot to get to because the best way to get there was by helicopter and with that a small baggage allowance. The isles had no landing strip for an airplane and if […]

Kusadasi Turkey

When I was on the cruise ship one of the ports I would love the most is Kusadasi Turkey. Every time we would stop there I would get a haircut and the barber would then do something that would make me feel great all over. He would crack my neck! Yes he would make sure […]

Carbon Monoxide in the Kitchen

When one is working in a restaurant probably the last thing one thinks about is carbon monoxide poisoning. I mean after all when we think of that we think of someone leaving their car engine running in a garage and suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. We put a  carbon monoxide alarm in our home. Since […]

This is All the Company Pays You

I got this off a tape and I thought it was pretty good. Employee: I only make this much money. Friend: Isn’t there other people in the company that make 2,3,4,5 times more than you make? Employee: Well yes there are others who make more than I do. Friend: Well then if there are others […]