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Chapter 2 Set for Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s read will be on the bartending course back in 1979. For those of you who just joined in I am each Friday writing a chronological history of events both personally and professionally between the years of 1979 to 1996. It is only Chapter 2 tomorrow so get in on it now if you wish […]

Some Interesting Comments on My First Instalment

Well my first instalment as to my book in progress went out to subscribed readers on Friday and I must say I have been getting comments from are you going to tell all , I might be onto something like a good book that may interest others , and I didn’t know you had so […]

The Beginning Starts Tomorrow

At noon EDT the first chapter goes out in the newsletter of my history starting back in 1979. All the jobs, travel , and ups and downs. You still have time to subscribe. Once you start reading you will want the next Friday’s to come along quickly.

A Good Reason To Resume The Newsletter

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions I am trying to write something down with regards to my future book. However I am having a difficult time staying focused but I have thought of a good idea. I realize that no one is going to make me write this book unless I create some accountability. […]

APOD: 2012 March 5 – Flying Over the Earth at Night

APOD: 2012 March 5 – Flying Over the Earth at Night This is very cool taken from the International Space Station. Have a look!

The More You Think You Know You Realize You Know Very Little

One thing becomes clearer the longer you work in this business. When you start out the first few years you think you know everything then as time goes on you realize you are like where you started. Starting from scratch. The only way your experience is going to show through is knowing that you can […]

Where I’ve Been

Here is a cool map you can fill out seeing how much of the world you have been to. Just click on the title to see mine and fill out your own. Kinda fun!

I’ve Been Relaxing Lately

I haven’t been posting at all on my blog lately and my newsletters have come to a standstill. To tell you the truth I have had no motivation to write at all. Earlier in December I got the flu and got over it but throughout January and February have been coughing a lot. Now I […]