Monthly Archives: March 2011

How the Handover of My Station Works

You know in most places the supervisor will tell you that you are cut and not taking any more tables and someone else will take over your section. Well in this spot I am working you sort of cut yourself. If you don’t no one will. What happens is the lunch through evening staff comes […]

The Only Thing Bad About Unions Is When You Are the Lowest in Seniority

Okay so the new job is going good. Getting up in the morning I am getting used to and having the evenings off is great cause that is when all the action happens as to getting to find out what your kids were up to in school etc. etc…. Except in this unique circumstance I […]

Flippin’ Those Tables

Sunday was a good day and from what I gather this is not a busy time of year. Today I served 74 people spread out amongst 37 tables and walked out with $196 after tipping out the host and bartender. I sold just under $1200 net before taxes. There was a rush for breakfast between […]


I have read this story before but came across it again. The message is timeless. Click on the title to read it.

What Time or Day Is It Anyway??

This morning I started at 6:30 which means I have to set the alarm for 4:50AM. I woke up at 3:20 and thought to myself I have a half hour before I have to get up. Then when I woke up at 3:57 I thought my alarm didn’t go off and I was running late. […]

I Write Like – For All You Bloggers Out There

This is kinda fun. It is my day off today and was on Stumbleupon when I came across this. What you do is paste a blog post and click on analyze and it tells you what famous author you write similar to. Sure it is all fun but who did you get? I got Stephen […]

One Thing That Wasn’t Mentioned In The Interview

As the company I work for owns all the food outlets in the airport they rotate the service staff every 6 months from one spot to another. As I am the lowest in seniority I will not get much of a choice as to where I end up. I would have taken the job anyway […]