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When You Rely on Tips To Pay the Bills You Should Have This

A bank account which has overdraft just in case a bill has to be paid before you have enough funds in the bank. It relieves a lot of stress. Especially if your partner works for tips too. All our bills are pre-authorized payments so with the overdraft I know they are covered. We also pay […]

Take Your Time

When starting any new job or taking part in an opening of a restaurant the first thing a waiter should do is take an extra minute and make sure you give yourself extra time to do it right. For example the table numbers will all be new. Take time to know your table numbers so […]

The Top 10 Reasons I am Much Better Now Where I Work Compared to Where I Used to Work

1. I am off today and today is Sunday.2. I had fun at the beach today with my family.3. My wife is happy at her job.4. I am planning what fun things we are going to do the rest of the summer.5. My kids are going to have a fun summer.6. I am going to […]

It Was a Good First Night

I have to say I was very pleased with my first night back at my old job in a newly renovated restaurant. It looks real nice and if you added a tablecloth and a vase on the table it would outdo any fine dining restaurant. I am glad it doesn’t have that though because it […]

I Wonder How Many of Us Have Served a Guest Like This?

Waiter: Good evening sir , how may I help you?Guest: How much is a Coca – Cola?Waiter: Why sir that is $2.00.Guest: Are there any refills?Waiter: Yes.Guest: How much does the refill cost?Waiter: They are free refills.Guest: Great I will take a refill then. A joke my son told me today. I thought it quite […]

It is Pretty Simple Being a Waiter Isn’t It??

You get some money and take some time off then you gotta go back and make some money again. You make some money again enough to pay your bills then save a bit to take a holiday so you can pay your bills while you are off then it is back to work again. You […]

The Grass is Greener……

I am sure you have heard someone say that before. You know you leave something to try something else. You could be changing jobs , girlfriends , moving , dyeing your hair , wearing something outrageous. The list goes on. Whenever I hear that I have to agree with them. The grass is always greener. […]

If I Had to Do It All Over Again

Okay I don’t start working till next week so I am doing some stuff with the kids around the house. My wife is back for 3 in a row starting tomorrow at work in what would be considered her first full week at work. But to finish off what the title said , if I […]

Happy July 4th to My American Friends