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9 Tips on Handling Job Interviews For Servers

This post details some things to watch out for during the job interview process. Remember if you have been called for an interview that person wants to hire you. All you have to do is convince them they picked the right person. So as a waiter here are some things I have found helped me […]

The Top Ten Traits of Highly Successful People – by Philip Humbert

Every Sunday I will be featuring some great posts by people who are in the self improvement field. Their thoughts are timeless and provide some positive thoughts heading into Monday. This is the first one so just click on the title to get to their article. This is by Philip Humbert.

Tom Collins – Shaken Not Stirred

I don’t have much to say tonight. I got stuck with a table that sat there past midnight. The bar waitress told me she had the same people last night and they sat around forever yesterday too. Finally got them out a quarter past midnight so I am a bit knackered. I made good cash […]

Automatic Gratuities and The Continuing Free Fall of Fine Dining

Here are the top reasons I think corporate restaurants should have an automatic gratuity added to their guest check. 1. It would create a better clientele in most cases. You would find yourself not having to serve a bunch of kids with ipods who don’t have any money to begin with from coming into your […]

If You Are Not Doing This You Should

For anyone who is planning to go out and try a new restaurant I find looking on line at the restaurant reviews quite handy. You do not have to if someone has said such and such a place is good but if you are not sure , checking out some comments on these sites where […]

Patience Does Pay Off

On Sunday night it was packed when I got into work. I was pre-close and the three tables I had two of them were already being used for another group by another waiter. My other table was reserved and stayed that way for an hour. Finally I get the table. Doesn’t look like it will […]

I Love To Tell Stories at Work

Because a lot of the ones I work with were not even born yet in the 70’s I love to talk about the 70’s when I was a teenager having a great time. Tonight I was around the kitchen pass when I started singing this KC Sunshine Band Tune that back in 1976 a bunch […]

The Decision Was Made For Me – Thank You

Things always work out for the best and I do really appreciate the honesty of the interviewer a couple of days ago. Following up on yesterday’s post I felt I had to make a tough decision on whether this opportunity that was before me would be a good one or not. For those of you […]

What Would You Do If You Were Me?

Right now I work in this busy restaurant that can be somewhat lucrative even during the slowest times. The thing is you have to go through the people to make decent money. You can pretty much say that on an average night after tip out you make $5 per person you serve. On the other […]

Nice To Be Off for Two Days Now

Well this afternoon went in for 3:30 and had a three table section. Two four tops and an 8 top. Got sat the two fours but the 8 was empty till after 6 which didn’t surprise me as it was Valentine’s Day after all. At the end of the night served the most people at […]